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    • positive review  They are extremely nice and helpful

      thumb Kathy Smith
      July 17, 2021

      positive review  I have been to a bunch of craft vinyl stores (we visit local vinyl stores when we travel). This store was one of the best I have been to. it had a huge selection of vinyl, blanks and apparel. visitor from Louisville Kentucky

      thumb Laura Kelley
      April 24, 2021

      positive review  This was my first time ever going there and they have so much you are sure to find what you need the staff is wonderful and very helpful

      thumb Kenna Renee O'Brien
      April 24, 2021
    • positive review  The associates were very helpful when my boyfriend went in without either of us knowing how huge the selection would be, to find me some HTV. There were soany color choices he had to send me pictures and even from just the pictures I was super overwhelmed by the assortment. I just used the Light Navy HTV and the Flex Ultra Lavender Glitter and both were super easy to cut, weed, and apply with my cricut tools. We will definitely be stopping in again when I need more supplies.

      thumb Kirsten Augustine
      January 18, 2021

      negative review  Whatever you do, do not get the glitter vinyl HTV. I spent 2 hrs peeling each letter because it didn't stick to the plastic sheet. The whole image wanted to peel as I was weeding it. NEVER AGAIN!

      thumb Mandy Tidwell
      September 19, 2020

      positive review  so many options of colors of vinyl and shirts and different shirts as well not to mention bows bows BOWS!!!😊🥰🎀🎀🎀

      thumb Tori Steele
      May 6, 2020
    • positive review  great selection enjoyed visit

      thumb Elliott-Debbie Conway
      May 5, 2020

      positive review  I Love Them To Death ! they The Most sweetest People Ever. Even During This pandemic they still manage to keep a smile and have the best Attitude! I promise when you shop here you will never shop anywhere else ❤️

      thumb Kayylaa Batess
      May 1, 2020

      negative review  I just heard about this place and how amazing everyone said it was. I just went there today for curb side pick up and my experience was not to good. First they couldn’t find my order that I called in an hour before and the lady who asked about my order was kinda rude. I had checked my order and it wasn’t complete. I didn’t even bother to ask because I felt I was bothering her. Maybe I will return when you can go in to shop but I’m not certain.

      thumb Jason N Cjay Ford
      April 29, 2020
    • positive review  Love the vinyl room! Great customer service! The employees are always super sweet and very helpful. One of my favorite places to spend my money. 😂

      thumb Miranda A. Speegle
      April 14, 2020

      positive review  Awesome staff.. Excellent customer service.. I would recommend them to everyone

      thumb Kendra Ruffin
      April 10, 2020

      positive review  Love love love all of the people at The Vinyl Room. They are so helpful and kind. They always answer any questions I may have and my daughter especially loves to get candy from the lion.

      thumb Katie Frye
      March 30, 2020
    • positive review  We drove 2 hours today to check this place out and we will definitely be coming back!! The owner and his staff were super helpful and took the time to not only explain sublimation pressing the owner took the time to show me how to do it even though they were very busy!! Top notch service, lots of merchandise with a huge selection of vinyl!!!! Definitely my new favorite place to be...

      thumb Andrea Edge
      March 7, 2020

      positive review  Love this place very friendly and helpful

      thumb Barbara Roach
      February 6, 2020

      positive review  This place is amazing. They went out of their way to help out with Brooks Youth Basketball. Last minute printing of a replacement jersey the day before team pictures. And not only that when I took the kids by to pick it up I left cash at the counter. They reached out to the director of our league to get in touch with me. Awesome people definitely won me over.

      thumb Jesse Grimes
      January 17, 2020
    • positive review  excellent staff and products, couldn't ask for a better group of people!

      thumb Eric Prewett
      January 15, 2020

      positive review  Great selection of T-shirts and vinyl, great store with awesome employees! 🙂

      thumb Pamila Griffis Roebuck
      January 13, 2020

      positive review  Thankyou for the invite. I like this page.And I am REALLY excited for you to notice me!!

      thumb Donna Willis
      January 4, 2020
    • negative review  Use to love this place but will NEVER shop here again! Came in today to get two New Years shirts made for my girls to wear tomorrow told them I’d be back by later to pick them up. No one told me they were closing early today. When I pulled back up it was a little after 2 and the ladies were walking out, asked could they please run grab my shirts (I’d already paid) I was told no because they had already set the alarm and the hours were posted on the door. I understand they wanted to get home with it being NYE but they could’ve been a little more polite, literally would’ve taken a few mins but they clearly care nothing about their customers.

      thumb LaShea Isbell
      December 31, 2019

      positive review  amazing place very helpful and kind people love going there always a happy environment

      thumb Jessica Nichole Holt
      December 31, 2019

      positive review  Great people to work with when you know zero about vinyl! They really fulfilled my Christmas shirt desire.

      thumb Tracey Danny Armstrong
      December 27, 2019
    • positive review  They are the nicest people!! They are very helpful and friendly! Well organized! Recommend them for all your crafting needs❤️

      thumb Nicole Owen Weeks
      December 11, 2019

      positive review  Visited from Ohio over Thanksgiving and WOW! This is definitely the place to go for anything you need! From vinyl to shirts, cups, and they print on the spot for you! I wish we had a location like this up North! Extremely nice staff checking out. This will be a regular stop for me when I’m in town. What a great place!

      thumb Jennifer R. Wall
      December 6, 2019

      positive review  oh my gosh!! I just left this store and I'm so in love with it. not only do they have great prices but they also have Christian music playing which is so comforting and a joy. Much recommended this business ❤

      thumb Helen Bowden
      November 2, 2019
    • positive review  Love this place! Great customer service and great product

      thumb Haley Brooke Thornton
      October 9, 2019

      positive review  I highly recommend this Vinyl Store. This Store is top notch and has the friendliest owners and staff. They are all so Amazing and are all so helpful. The prices are great on everything they have. If you haven’t visited this place yet, you sure do need to. Our church has gotten a lot of shirts and vinyl from here. If they don’t have the amount of shirts that you need for a big project, the owner will order them while you are there. She is the greatest and we love your store.

      thumb Sarah Adair
      September 16, 2019

      positive review  I had never had a vinyl shirt done before and they were so patient and informative, absolutely amazing customer service. I was worried about them having it ready for the birthday party I was going to in 3 days, they had it done in less than a day and it looked so much better than I was even hoping for. Also, it was way cheaper than I expected, I will definitely be here again and I recommend this to anyone in need of a cute custom tee!

      thumb Camille Conwill
      September 12, 2019
    • positive review  I have been shopping at The Vinyl Room since they opened a few months ago. I have ALWAYS had EXCELLENT customer service. I LOVE to browse and usually go home with a few bags of goodies. They make it very easy and convenient to complete all my Cricut Craft Creations. 😍🥳

      thumb Tonya Egleston Hirak
      September 5, 2019

      positive review  I love the selection vinyl and HTV. Plus they have a large selection of shirts and the employees are super helpful.

      thumb Maryann Myers
      September 4, 2019

      negative review  So my mom went today to pick up some vinyl. She babysits so she had my daughter plus 2 little boys with her so that was a struggle in itself, but it certainly didn’t help that the staff there avoided her like she was carrying around a disease. She pretty much had to corner someone to get some help and when she did, they just looked at her like she was stupid. I work in retail and it’s all about customer service and that part is definitely slacking in this store. The first time I went was pretty much the same. No one asked if I needed help with anything and when I did ask for help I literally got laughed at. I’d rather drive the extra and go to Olive branch.

      thumb Felecia Hamilton
      July 31, 2019